Re: Statistics

Hmmm - 47 years old, but I already told you that.  Born in Motown, have
lived in Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California,
Ireland, and various parts of Europe - but now live in the boondocks of
New Hampshire where they talk funny.  Not even a comic store in my
town.  I have a BA in History and an MA in Theater.  I do lots of
things to make ends almost meet: I'm an author of RPG books, I work
part time at a library, part time in a college outreach center, part
time as a storyteller, part time as, believe it or not, a financial
management consultant to large corporations.  I like variety in my
life, and think the Groo is the best comic since Carl Barks retired,
though Usagi Yojimbo has to be the best comic currently in production,
since Groo is (hopefully temporarily) out of production.

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