Re: Statistics

Simon to Simon.....I am a 53 year old American malcontent...currently an 
unemployed journalist...so there. I hold a bachelors degree in political 
science, am married, have a teenage daughter--Anne-- and three cats and 
two rabbits...

I collect Groo, stamps of Tannu Tuva, Mexican revolution stamps and coins 
and almost anything from the Polar //NOT POLISH// regions.

<Now you figure out what kinda nutter (to use the Brittism) I are!.
Long live the revolution!

Ken Simon

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Simon Passey wrote:

> In response to the Groop's latest fad for collecting statistic's I have
> another one if everyone can assist.
> A group of my friends (all Groo Fans) were wondering if Groo appealed to
> certain types of people and if so what they did.
> A discussion followed of which some points raised were quite interesting.
> If people would e-mail to the Groop details of what they do and the
> education they had, it would help solve are arguments.
> If yoy do something that you do not wish the Groop to know of (ie do
> something like M.E.) then you can e-mail me in confidence
> BTW I am an astronomy graduate managing a small grocery store at Imperial
> College London. I was born about 10 miles from Liverpool and am currently 27.
> Thanking you all in advance for your help
> Simon P