location of abidance

Howdy yall,

I live in Santa Cruz 
which is NOT the capital of BraSil, 
nor of Sweden, 
nor of Norway. 
 We speak English here, but it isn't the capital of England either.

I have a Ph.D. in Electronic Materials, M.S. in Physics, and a B.S. in
Electrical Engineering . . . wait, was that me?  Maybe that was somebody
else! . . . anyway, I make stained glass for a living. Did I err?

Ps.  I think norwegians have cool names.

>>> Lars Torstein Kvien <ltk@stud.ntnu.no> 09/16/96 09:38am >>>

I live in Trondheim (unfortunately) at the moment. Trondheim is NOT the
capitol of Norway either. In my spare time I pray for a fray in Trondheim
so that Groo will come here and kill all the native citizens.

I have tasted cheesedip now, and it tastet like mulch.

By the way, I think many of you have incredibly funny names.

Have a nice fray