further info

Hi again,

I am Philippe Bruhat, a frog from France, presently 24.
I followed a 3 years course in Ecole Centrale de Lille (one of the
French 'Grandes Ecoles') to become an engineer. Now that I (almost) have
my diploma, I follow a one year postgraduate course at Telecom Bretagne
(Bretagne is Britany, NOT Britain !) (another one of those french 'Grandes

I am bound (and doomed) to work with computers and networks, am still
a bachelor (any gals here ? no swordswomen pleaase !), and also fan of
some of the best US comic books (Groo, Omaha the Cat Dancer, Usagi Yojimbo,
Calvin and Hobbes, Cerebus and a few others), as well as of the french
literary group known as Oulipo (check the Oulipo page ! (in french, sorry)),
no pets yet (a cat someday, maybe a girlfriend too), always start ten 
exciting things at a time and achieve half one...

By the way, I am still wanting to unsubscribe from this adresse, only to
subscribe from another !! help me ! I am trapped in this old account bound
to be deleted one day or the other !!!

  Philippe Bruhat - BooK            Centrale Lille - Genie Informatique v6.0
                                     ENST Bretagne - Mastere RESIM