Greatest Hits

Finally got around to looking at my GROO issues and attempting to pick 
out my favourite stories from the Epic run, after the alphabet trades run 
out.  Not easy, since it's a pretty consistant book.  I'd prefer the 
alphabet series just keep running chronologically instead of a "Best of" 

Anyway, my choices would be 

#39 - "A Groo's Best Friend"
	(I know this is part of a two-part story, and I'm missing the
	first part, but it's still funny, and I like Rufferto stories)
#47 - "The 300% Solution"
	(A sentimental choice, since it was my first issue, but I do
	like the "large cast" issues and this is one of the best)
#60 - "The Mendicants"
	(Whatever that word means)
#78 - "The Book Burners"
	(Social relevence, lawyers, Weaver & Scribe, what more do you need)
#84 - "The Puppeteers"
	("I have always wanted to do a show with your toys")
#112 - "Rufferto Avenged"
	(Loved the cover, and I remember being especially amused by 
	some of the plot twists)