Re: How old?

Mine WAS Aug. 27...so you're late....gifts of Kopens, cheesedip or stamps 
and postal history of Tannu Tuva greatfully accepted. Sorry, I am not a 
tax-free foundation yet...
PS: Wasn't Groo a Tuvan warrior? They Do drip tea made from fermented 
yak's milk....just a thought...

PSS: Nobody named Sven fron Norway? You Vikings are a hearty lot!

PSSS: Why doesn't some bright soul (Rube's a shoe-in) compile all the 
Groo list stuff into a Groo list FAQ.

PSSSS: To quote an old Tuvan shaman's prayer. "May your cup runneth over 
with Cheesdip (the food product, not the 1950 Sami Rock and Roll hit) and 
you pockets tinkle with kopens...

PSSSSS: I think Sergion is stealing story ideas from Miguel Cervantes> 
Any comments....we need to get more intellectual....

so let it be written, so let it be done...
Ken Simon

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Denis Hackney wrote:

> Kenneth R Simon wrote:
> > 
> > is this a cheap ploy to cage birthday gifts?
> > 
> > Ken Simon
> Well, if you're offering, mine's November 7th.
> Nothing too extravagant, please.  International money orders in
> Australian dollars, "Images of Groo" cards or Groo statues would be
> sufficient... :-)
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