Re: Greatest Hits

At 00:41 17/09/96 -0400, Bob Heer wrote:
>Finally got around to looking at my GROO issues and attempting to pick 
>out my favourite stories from the Epic run, after the alphabet trades run 
>out.  Not easy, since it's a pretty consistant book.  I'd prefer the 
>alphabet series just keep running chronologically instead of a "Best of" 

I would agree with you about keeping the format the same as A B C etc as it
makes it easier to collect.  I think having a different format (like Groo &
a different character issues) would not be as popular unless extra stories
were added to them to encourage people to buy them as most people want to
get the early (expensive) issues as the later issues are still fairly easy
to get hold off.

Sergio and Mark could of course do a Classic Groo series with all the old
favourites like the joke that is consistent throughout Groo, mulch, cheese
dip and some of the more memorable running jokes (with explanations), but I
still think that people would only buy them if there was new material
present (like a make your own Groo outfit).

Sorry for going on but I can either talk about Groo or do some work and the
answer to that is so obvious even Groo could work it out.

I'm going back to work then


Simon P