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Philippe asked:
> Having moved a few hundred kilometer to change school, I happen to also
> have changed my e-mail. How do I unsubscribe ? (I'll subscribe from
> the new adress then)

Here's excepts from the listkeeper's email:

  If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can
  send mail to "listkeeper@hmc.edu" with the following command in the
  body of your email message:
  unsubscribe groo-l <username>

'Course I've never tried it.  Also, I'm not the listkeeper.  (Somebody
once thought that I was.)  The listkeeper is Josh Jones (jojones@hmc.edu).

Philippe wondered (or is that wandered):
> Is the statue out ? My local dealer says he's still waiting for it.

Some persons on this mailing list have already received theirs.

Philippe also wondered:
> * what breed/race is Rufferto ?
> * why didn't ME and Sergio answer to the 'how old' question ?

I think Rufferto is a dog.  (Just kidding!)  =)

Sergio isn't on the mailing list(?), but according to the Comics Buyers
Guide magazine, he's 59.

Simon pondered:
> If people would e-mail to the Groop details of what they do and the
> education they had, it would help solve are arguments.

I'm a Design Engineer (for programmable logic semiconductors) at Altera
Corporation in San Jose, California, USA.  "Altera" is short for "altera-
ble" (pronounced "all terrible"?), but without the "ble".  I used to work
at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California, USA.  As a result, if
you purchase a computer with a P6 (Pentium Pro) or P7 processor in the
future, it might have some of my circuits in it.  (Oh nooo!)  :0

San Jose and Santa Clara are both in the fabled "Silicon Valley", which
doesn't really exist, but sounds cool.  That is, of course, if it exist-
ed ...  Semiconductors are made from silicon, and there are a lot of se-
miconductor manufacturers around here.

I have B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering.  'Course I've
never seen the B.S. degree.  It got lost in the mail or something.  Also,
both degrees are kind of worthless, sort of.  Rather be writing and draw-
ing cartoons.  =)

I also read Batman Adventures, Batman and Robin Adventures, Superman Ad-
ventures, Donald Duck Adventures, Uncle Scrooge Adventures ...  Hmmm.
Maybe there should be Groo Adventures?!?

Steffan wrote:
> I'm an author of RPG books ...

What's "RPG books"?

See ya later.