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N > Does it credit Dave Berg with the pencilling on early 60s work that
N > inked by Wally Wood? :(

ME: The MAD CD Rom provides "official" credits -- and not even all of
them. Harvey Kurtzman, for example, is not credited with the writing
in any of the comic book issues.

I asked Sergio about Berg's claim and he says he never heard of any
such thing. Wood DID have some problems over the years with what we
now politely term "substance abuse" and he DID get help from others at
times with his work, less so on MAD than on comic book pages. I've
never heard of Berg working with him, but I do know that Wood was a
very big fan of Berg's 1940's comic book work, so I suppose it's

Wood worked for MAD for a long time and then, in the mid-sixties, had
a falling out with Feldstein and Gaines, and didn't work for the
magazine for a long time. Then, years later, he came back and did two
jobs for them. One, which was called "Altar Ego," was a two-page story
that is reprinted in the new collection, MAD ABOUT THE SEVENTIES. The
other was reportedly discarded as being unworthy of Wood or MAD. That
was the end of Wood's relationship with MAD.

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