Re: What's going on???

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Charles L. Klein wrote:

> Sure, my e-mail is down for several days (again) and when I get back,
> there's not 78 unread message from the Groop.  What gives, is Lia sick?
> Is Josh away for a bit?  Are the people from Norway banned?

And not even 78 unreaL messages from the Groop.
Wait until tomorow.
Or the day after.

Some questions, facts, lies, jokes...:
- Why is every other day not just the OTHER day ?
- If the messages were hidden, why did we find them ?
- Sergio doesn't exists ; in fact he was created by M.E. who can thus
  be paid twice (and Sergio's much better paid than M.E. (who isn't,
  anyway), remember ?)
- Groo actually IS the Prince of Chichester, changed into a frog by an
  evil witch... and then she thought of something worse.
- If Sergio doesn't exist, then who draws Groo ?
- If M.E. is actually paid, then who writes Groo ?
- ...

Moral: OK, maybe I should just go to bed right now.

	BooK / Philippe Bruhat