Re: What's going on???

Charles wrote:
>Sure, my e-mail is down for several days (again) and when I get back,
there's not 78 >unread message from the Groop.

Awwwww, I'm SO touched, you missed the rest of us. That's SO sweet...

>What gives, is Lia sick?

Depends on whether you're asking about my physical or mental wellbeing... <g>

::Lia giggles maniacally like the maniac that she is::

Seriously, I've been off annoying the David Duchovny fans on one of the
X-Files mailing lists. <eg>

>Is Josh away for a bit?

Well, are you? And did you travel to a far-off land where no-one knew your name?

Wait --- egads!!! That sounded like something Groo has done!

So maybe Josh is off on a Groo-type pilgrimage? <g>

>Are the people from Norway banned?

LOL! Perhaps... Or maybe they've all decided to go Sergio-and-Mark hunting
to "persuade" them (provide your own euphemism) to bring Groo back.

:] Lia

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Scully: "I'm driving."  (Now mad)  "Why do you always have to drive?
Because you're the guy?  Because you're the big, macho man?"
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(Slams door).

I deny the Emmy's happened. Waaaaaaaaaaah!