I don't know if this counts but I met a girl last Friday at a party.  The
only things I knew about her were her name and that she was working on
Saturday in Barking ( a 45 minute train ride from where I live ).

In a slightly inebriated state ( maybe worse than that) I rashly told my
friends that I'd find her and ask her for a date.

I got up at 5 on Saturday morning, not feeling too good but determined to
find her, and got the train to Barking.  I then waited by the station
entrance until 7 pm but didn't see her all day.  It reached the point that I
thought I've waited for so long it doesn't matter if I wait another half
hour.  The only reasons I went home at all were that I was cold and hungry
and darkness had fallen (with a resounding fit of laughter aimed at myself).

My friends think it the most stupid thing that they have heard of, except
for some of the girls who think it romantic.  Me, I think that if I had been
more sober I would have asked for her phone number.

Bye for now

Simon P