Re: What's going on???

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Lia Bulaong wrote:
> >Is Josh away for a bit?
> Well, are you? And did you travel to a far-off land where no-one knew your name?

Cheers? No that wouldn't do. Um, I've been busy, yeah, that's where I've
been. I've been eagerly planning for the day that Groo returns. I'm making
the best groo site out there! oh yeah! It'll be so kick-bung! It will be
all ready for unveiling in less than 6 months! (sounds long? Well, I am
taking four classes plus ballet).  
> Wait --- egads!!! That sounded like something Groo has done!  
I'd hate for me to be accused of any grooisms! But hey, if you guys are
really bored for groo mail.. why don't we start a little little sumpin.
Like a grooism contest.
> So maybe Josh is off on a Groo-type pilgrimage? <g>
I'll go first. I think my grooism is going to be suggesting this, since
every time someone sends mail to the groo list I get another three copies
from Mail Delivery Subsystem or Electronic Postmaster for all the people
who have subscribed with invalid e-mail addresses (remember I'm the list
owner!). So I'm gonna be swamped. In the words of Snoop Doggy Dogg,

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