Re: your mail

Eric asked:
>>    Name the two gamblers in Image Groo #11.

And Josh answered:
>That's EASY! 
>Kartas and Barahas!

Don't 'kartas' and 'barahas' mean 'cards' in spanish? Or something like that...

:] Lia, the only person in my family who hasn't managed to scrape more than
a smattering of spanish together <sigh>

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Mulder: "Will you let me drive?"
Scully: "I'm driving."  (Now mad)  "Why do you always have to drive?
Because you're the guy?  Because you're the big, macho man?"
Mulder: "No, I was just never sure your little feet would reach the pedals."
(Slams door).

I deny the Emmy's happened. Waaaaaaaaaaah!