Re: What's going on???

If Groo found his way there....
Oh boy! Then we won't have to learn calculus anymore!! :-)
Actually we'd have to start at the bottom, trying to figure out how much 
2+2 is. Come to think of it, what is 2?



Hans-Christian Prytz

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Steve Kienle wrote:

> >No I don't think that we Norwegians have been banned, although we might 
> >have erred and sent the posts to the complex mathematics mailing list......
> A fray in the complex mathematics world?  I can see it now: no blows will 
> be made because the fighters are all trying to calculate the optimum 
> angle of attack in their heads.  Of course, if the real Groo manages to 
> find his way into that list....
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