Re: Grooisms

At 09:43 25.09.96 +0100, you wrote:
>I don't know if this counts but I met a girl last Friday at a party.  The
>only things I knew about her were her name and that she was working on
>Saturday in Barking ( a 45 minute train ride from where I live ).
>In a slightly inebriated state ( maybe worse than that) I rashly told my
>friends that I'd find her and ask her for a date.
>I got up at 5 on Saturday morning, not feeling too good but determined to
>find her, and got the train to Barking.  I then waited by the station
>entrance until 7 pm but didn't see her all day.  It reached the point that I
>thought I've waited for so long it doesn't matter if I wait another half
>hour.  The only reasons I went home at all were that I was cold and hungry
>and darkness had fallen (with a resounding fit of laughter aimed at myself).
>My friends think it the most stupid thing that they have heard of, except
>for some of the girls who think it romantic.  Me, I think that if I had been
>more sober I would have asked for her phone number.

Hope it will give you some comfort that you are not the only one that have
made such mistakes:) 

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