Re: * The Great Groo Quiz *

Eric asked:
>>> * The Great Groo Quiz *
>>> Volume #1, Book #1, Chapter #1, Page #1, Question #4:
>>> In the Sage's 1st appearance, how did he "cure" the sick king?

>Amy answered:
>> I think that he threw him out of the window, didn't he?

::Lia decides to share a bit of useless knowledge with y'all::

Death from being tossed out of a window is called defenestration, if I'm not

There, now wasn't that totally pointless trivia that you'll probably never
ever use? <giggle>

Then Eric asked again:
>* The Great Groo Quiz *
>Question 5: Rufferto has a spot on which eye?  (Try answering
>this without looking at a comic.)

Oh, this is easy --- He has a spot under his LEFT eye! And no, I didn't
look, honest. <g>

:] Lia

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