Re: The Great Groo Quiz

Simon Passey wrote:
> For which Groo story did the Linguistitan (M.E.)write this:
> When Groo was but a child,
> He was altogether wild,
> With a thirst for battle said to be uncanny.
> And when he was but a boy,
> Somone gave him as a toy,
> A play knife with which he promptly killed his nanny.
> Though the act was accidental,
> It was somewhat monumental,
> For the lad had just selected his career.
> In the years ahead, he'd wander,
> Over here and over yonder,
> And he'd slay whatever people happened near.
> Now,it's not much of a living,
> Folks can be so unforgiving,
> When you've killed their friends and loved ones by the hordes.
> A barbarian gets lonely,
> When he's by his one and only,
> But he's not alone when he is with his swords.

The Eclipse Special, "The Swords of Groo"
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