The Ultimate Grooism?

OK Guys,

I have what may well be the ultimate Grooism (well, I thought it was
pretty funny...)  It goes something like this:

I offered to sell Lia a set of Groo cards.  She accepts, but has ask her
mother about monetary type matters, and since her mother is out of town
for 2 days, so she'll get back to me then.  *4 weeks* later, I send an
email to Lia asking if she's spoken to her mother yet.  She replies as

"I'm SOOOOOOO sorry! I must confess, I asked my mom, she said yes, and I
was then so relieved that I forgot about it altogether! What an idiot,
no? What a Grooism. <g>"

Anyway, thought you all might appreciate this...
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