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Steffan wrote:
> Next Question (#um, whatever comes next):
> Who blackmailed the Great Oslaf?

In issue #111, Oslaf hired Blacktoe (for 100 kopins) to pretend that
he was Groo.  They staged a fake battle, where Oslaf pretended to
slay Groo (Blacktoe).  Since slaying Groo is an incredibly great con-
tribution to the world, Oslay became a great hero (hence the "Great
Oslaf"), and received many rewards.  Seeing this, Blacktoe wanted
more kopins from Oslaf, or he'd tell everyone that Oslaf really
didn't slay Groo.  Then Groo shows up ...

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Question #15: Which characters are named after Canter's Delicatessan?

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