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Yes, dad burn it !@%$&
Correct answer.
After careful research I have found that you are correct.
Sylva from The Death of Groo did indeed kiss Groo.  She was a serving
wench that Groo defended from an oafish customer.  
But, I had forgotten about Sylva.
My question was actually a trick question.
There was another girl who offered, well, shall we say, "intangible
compensation" to Groo in thanks for killing her boyfriend. Her exact
words were, "I can do better than pay you a reward!  Save me from the
Kolas . . . please?"  She gave him a big hug and a kiss, as a hint. 
Unfortunately, she isn't named . . . in issue ?????

Anybody know that issue? 

Next question: What is the Jayne Kennedy anecdote?


>>> Steffan O'Sullivan <sos@oz.plymouth.edu> 10/08/96 10:55am >>>
Randall writes:

> Next Question (#13)
>  >  What is the name of the pretty woman who voluntarily kissed Groo?

That would be Sylva in the Death of Groo, yes?

Next Question (#um, whatever comes next):

Who blackmailed the Great Oslaf?

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