Re: * The Great Groo Quiz *

Joseph Jones wrote:
> Question #16 or is it #17?
> Okay, what's the first published phrase out of Groo's mouth?
Ah, trick question!

The first published phrase _out of Groo's mouth_ is "Uh Oh!  Looks like
I picked the wrong village to visit.  This one's been destroyed!" from
the story in Starslayer #5.

The phrase "Oh well!" was published before that, in Destroyer Duck #1,
but didn't actually come out of his mouth, he only thought it!

You're tricky Josh, but I'm too smart for you!  (Damn, I'm good!)

OK, question #17:

How many times did Groo "remove" the spell on the people in Arcadio's
village?  Who benifited the most from this process, and what did this
person get for Groo's troubles?
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