Re: * The Great Groo Quiz *

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Joseph Jones wrote:

> Question #16 or is it #17?
> Okay, what's the first published phrase out of Groo's mouth?

I guess it was something like "oops" (when he killed that girl with the
first dragon he slayed in public (us)).
In fact, "oops" would be the perfect words for Groo to say at first ("did
I err?" is a little too elaborate...)

I still don't have my Groo collection with me, but the statue arrived at
my local store (in France). I can't wait to get it !! :)

Question #17 or is it #18?

In the Groo-Grams, someone tried to change the old 'mulch joke' to a new
'xxx joke'. What was xxx ?
(and by the way, if you can get the name and the number of the issue...
And give the definition too!)

PS: I just got a script to change my signature to a random Groo moral
    everytime i log on... Enjoy!

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 We laugh at stupidity because the alternative is to cry over it.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #71 (Epic))

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