Re: * The Great Groo Quiz *

BooK wrote:
>>>In the Groo-Grams, someone tried to change the old mulch joke to a new
>>>'xxx joke'. What was xxx ?
>>>(and if you can get the name and the number of the issue...
>>>And give the definition too!)
>>The new question was "What is a carafe?", if I recall correctly, but
>>I'll be buggered if I'm going to go looking through all my back issues
>>to find the bloody thing. :-)
>Yes. But, by the way, what is a carafe ?

Ha!  Found it!  (No, I didn't spend all afternoon looking through my
Groo collection, really!  I didn't!  Err...well, they were all out of
order anyway, so I had to sort it out...)

Q:  What is a carafe?

A:  A carafe is an ornamental vessel composed of glass used for
    containing water, wine, or the like.

Sent in by Jeff "LW" Lacasse, from Lompoc, CA, and published in Epic #46
(December 1988).  The story from that issue was "Groo's Clothes", and
M.E's job in that issue was Haberdasher.  The moral to this story was
"No matter how you dress a cow, it still gives milk."

(I know that most of this is irrelevant to the question, but I spent all
that time finding it, so I figured I may as well get the best value
possible out of it....)

Previous question still stands:  What was Groo doing in Maringa, and in
what way did he succeed in his task?


P.S.  Just a couple of other thoughts that have occured to me while this
quiz has been going on...Has anyone been keeping score, or been keeping
track of all the questions?  How has M.E. been doing?

I'll shut up now.  I've got exams in a few weeks, so I've got some
serious procrastination, er, I mean study, to do...
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