The Great Groo Quiz - Current Standings

Hello all,

I've decided to keep a list of all the questions in the Great Groo Quiz,
along with who asked them, and who answered them correctly.  We're
currently up to Question #20, so whoever sends the next one, you know
what number to put on it...

Current standings:
Name:		# q's correct:
 Josh Jones		5
 Denis Hackney		4
 Amy Pellett		2
 Lia Bulaong		2
 Rick*			1
 John Astill		1
 Randall Allsup		1
 Steffan O'Sullivan	1
 Eric Chun		1

*Rick, who had no surname replied.  Mentioned by Eric, who said
 only: "Rick got it right".  Any further details?

Name:		# q's sent:
 Eric Chun		9
 Randall Allsup		3
 Josh Jones		2
 Denis Hackney		2
 Simon Passey		1
 Steffan O'Sullivan	1
 BooK			1 

Anyone spot any errors in this?  Anyone care?  Am I wasting my time?
Should I keep doing it?  Am I ineligible to participate if I'm the one
keeping the list?  Is there a prize?  Who's going to donate it?  Is
there intelligent life on Mars?  Is there intelligent life on this
mailing list?  Should I shut up now?

Let me know of any comments or suggestions...
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