Re: The Great Groo Quiz

>> I could make buttons with "Did I Err?" on them or something like
>> that.  It won't be great or anything 'cause I'd be making them
>> myself.  Is this o.k.?

Denis wrote:
> This would be a perfetly good prize.  The only thing is that if we *do*
> start offering prizes, we're going to have to come up with official
> rules, and official scoring and official question lists, which could
> make the whole thing a bit too ... well ... official.

> Perhaps (since you started this), you and I could get together and come
> up with a list of 50 official questions, and send it to the groop, with
> a closing date, and whoever gets the most questions right wins the
> prize?  Or perhaps post a new qustion to the groop each day?  Whatever.
> Let me know what you think...

How about everyone who answers a quiz question correctly gets a "Did I
Err?" button?  Correct answers count if you post it to the mailing list.
Correct answers don't count if you told it to your cat.  (There's no way
to verify that you got correct answers, since cats can't talk.)  =)

This prize would last for the first 25 quiz questions, I guess ...  What
quiz question are we on?  20 or something like that?  I'll ask for mail-
ing addresses after the 25th quiz question, and mail them then.

Perhaps everyone should be able to submit quiz questions to have a bet-
ter variety?  What do y'all think?  =)

See ya!  Bye!