Re: Screensaver

John Astill wrote:
> Anyone interested in a groo (or groopie) screensaver (for win31 and win95).
> They usually only take a couple of hours to write (bar the changing of gifs to
> bmp's and wav's to 8 bit mono).

Hey yeah, I'm interested!
> Suggestions will be accepted , and Ill devote sunday evening to writing >it.

I'd suggest getting some scans off the Groo cards of Groo and Rufferto
and the Sage and Minstrel and (... etc).  Just the character cards
though, the rest aren't really as important...

Just a thought:  if you're going to be distributing this, do you need
permission from Sergio?  Any comments, M.E?

Denis, currently wishing he had whole Sunday evenings to spare, instead
of having to study for upcoming exams...
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