Re: The Great Groo Quiz

Hello Groop!

Eric Chun wrote:
>How about everyone who answers a quiz question correctly gets a "Did I
>Err?" button?  Correct answers count if you post it to the mailing list.
>Correct answers don't count if you told it to your cat.  (There's no way
>to verify that you got correct answers, since cats can't talk.)  =)

OK people, there you have it.  Eric's offering prizes to those who
answer Great Groo Quiz questions correctly.  Winners so far are Josh
Jones, Denis Hackney, Amy Pellett, Lia Bulaong, Rick Beckley, John
Astill, Randall Allsup, Steffan O'Sullivan and Eric Chun, so these
people are barred from answering any more questions, since they've
alread won a prize.  (And to all those who are wondering what a "button"
is, why not just win one and find out?)
>This prize would last for the first 25 quiz questions, I guess ...  What
>quiz question are we on?  20 or something like that?  I'll ask for mail-
>ing addresses after the 25th quiz question, and mail them then.

We've had 19 questions so far, of which 3 are still to be answered (I'll
ask them again later in this email), so we need 6 more to complete The
Great Groo Quiz, Volume #1, Book #1, Chapter #1!
>Perhaps everyone should be able to submit quiz questions to have a bet-
>ter variety?  What do y'all think?  =)

OK then, anyone who's already sent in a question is asked not to send in
another one.  Anyone else is welcome to, and the next 6 questions posted
will count as questions #20-25 of the Great Groo Quiz (unless decided by
general consensus to be too stupid even for *us*).

The unanswered questions:

Q.#8:  In which issue does the sage tell his dog's name?  (from Randall)

Q.#16:  What is the Jayne Kennedy anecdote?  (from Randall again)

Q.#19:  What was Groo doing in Maringa, and in what way did he succeed
in his task?  (from Denis)

So there you go folks!  First replies posted to mailing list win a
prize, and we still need another 6 questions, so get to it!  Oh, and any
cheaters will be covered in mulch and served to Groo in a bowl of cheese
dip..."Waiter, there's a Groopie in my cheese dip!"

Uh, yeah.  Don't mind me. I'm fine, really.  Let's get quizzical, and
finish the Great Groo Quiz once and for all! (Well, at least until The
Great Groo Quiz, Volume #1, Book #1, Chapter #2...)

I shall converse with thee anon...
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