Re: The Great Groo Quiz

Brett Szudy wrote:
>> Q.#16:  What is the Jayne Kennedy anecdote?  (from Randall again)
>OK, I *still* don't think anyone's answered this.  The
>Jayne Kennedy anecdote was something about Jayne and Sergio
>being on some show together.  Anyway, after the show, Jayne sees
>Sergio, screams, and smothers him as Johnny Carson walks by and
>asks who the guy is.  Someone tells him it's a cartoonist, and Johnny
>says "I should have taken up drawing"

Yes!  Correct!  We have another winner!

That leaves one unanswered question (#19: What was Groo doing in
Medalla, and in what way did he succeed in his task?), but we need six
more questions to make up the 25...anyone got any?  I'll open it up to
everyone again, since no-one else is asking any...
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