Re: New Groo issue out???

Charles L. Klein wrote:
> What's going on?  I haven't read a thing in the past couple of weeks.
>Did I accidentally get unsubscribed?  Is there really that little to go
>on about at length?  Where's messages from Lia, Randall, Eric, John,
>Kenneth, Denis, Rueben, Ronny, etc., etc., etc.?  I need the support
>groop!  Where did you guys go?

We're all still here ... I think.  I am ... anyone else?

What have you missed???  You've missed the Great Groo Quiz!!!  The deal
is that Eric is offering prizes (a "Did I Err?" button (or badge or pin
or whatever you like to call it) for those who answer questions
correctly, and I'm keeping score.  So far we've had 20 questions asked
and are looking for 5 more to complete this round of the quiz.  If
you've got any Quiz Questions, just post them to the groop.  If you're
looking for questions to answer to win a prize, the only unanswered one
so far is "What was Groo doing in Maringa, and in what way did he
succeed in his task?".  (Note that this is in fact "Maringa", not
"Medalla" as put in a previous message...sorry for any inconvenience.)

If you know the answer, or have any quiz questions you'd like to submit,
just send them to the groop...

Apart from that, about the only thing you've missed is that John's
making a Groo screensaver, which at last report he was still working

Does anyone want me to post the whole list of Great Groo Quiz questions
and answers as they stand at the moment?
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