Great Groo Quiz Q&A List


Q1:  Name the two gamblers in Image #11  (Eric Chun)
	A:  Kartas and Barahas  (Josh Jones)

Q2:  What was the "official" last issue to publish the definition
     of mulching in the groo-grams?  (Josh Jones)
	A:  Epic #19  (Amy Pellett)

Q3:  Who is Arfetto?  (Eric Chun)
	A:  Rufferto's Groo-like little brother  (Josh Jones)

Q4:  In the Sage's first appearance, how did he "cure" the sick king?  
	A:  He threw him out the window  (Amy Pellett)   (Q: Eric Chun)

Q5:  Rufferto has a spot under which eye?
     (Answer without looking at comic)  (Eric Chun)
	A:  Left  (Lia Bulaong & Rick Beckley)

Q6:  RE-arrange the letters in the phrase "abra kadabra" to spell the
     names of the two witches.  (Eric Chun)
	A:  Arba and Dakarba  (Lia Bulaong & John Astill)
Q7:  For which Groo story did the Linguistitan (M.E.)write this:
	When Groo was but a child,
	He was altogether wild,
	With a thirst for battle said to be uncanny.
	And when he was but a boy,
	Somone gave him as a toy,
	A play knife with which he promptly killed his nanny.
	Though the act was accidental,
	It was somewhat monumental,
	For the lad had just selected his career.
	In the years ahead, he'd wander,
	Over here and over yonder,
	And he'd slay whatever people happened near.
	Now,it's not much of a living,
	Folks can be so unforgiving,
	When you've killed their friends and loved ones by the hordes.
	A barbarian gets lonely,
	When he's by his one and only,
	But he's not alone when he is with his swords.  (Simon Passey)
	A:  The Eclipse Special, "The Swords of Groo"  (Denis Hackney)

Q8:  In which issue does Sage tell his dog's name?  (Randall Allsup)
	A:  #34, The Amulet  (Ronny Hansen)

Q9:  How much is Rufferto's collar worth?  (Eric Chun)
	A:  100,000 Kopins  (Josh Jones)

Q10: Who does the Mocosa resemble?  (Eric Chun)
	A:  Al Jaffee  (Josh Jones)

Q11: What happens to the Supreme General when the King dies? (Eric Chun)
	A:  He is entombed, alive,  with the king  (Denis Hackney)

Q12: When Groo found the genie, what were his 3 wishes?  (Denis Hackney)
	A:  Rain, rain, and rain.  In that order.  (Randall Allsup)

Q13: What is the name of the pretty woman who voluntarily kissed Groo?
						(Q:  Randall Allsup)
	A:  Sylva, in "The Death of Groo"  (Steffan O'Sullivan)

Q14: Who blackmailed the Great Oslaf?  (Steffan O'Sullivan)
	A:  Blacktoe  (Eric Chun)

Q15: Which characters are named after Canter's Delicatessan? (Eric Chun)
	A:  the Kantors, from Epic #8  (Josh Jones)
Q16: What is the Jayne Kennedy anecdote?  (Randall Allsup)
	A:  The Jayne Kennedy anecdote was something about Jayne
	    and Sergio being on some show together.  Anyway, 
	    after the show, Jayne sees Sergio, screams, and smothers
	    him as Johnny Carson walks by and asks who the guy is.
	    Someone tells him it's a cartoonist, and Johnny says "I 
	    should have taken up drawing"  (Brett Szudy)

Q17: What's the first published phrase out of Groo's mouth?  (Josh
	A:  "Uh Oh!  Looks like I picked the wrong village to visit.
	     This one's been destroyed!", Starslayer #5.  (Denis Hackney)

Q18: In the Groo-Grams, someone tried to change the old "mulch" joke
     to a new "xxx" joke. What was "xxx" ?
     (Include definition and issue.)  (BooK)
	A:  What is a carafe?  A carafe is an ornamental vessel composed
	    of glass used for containing water, wine, or the like.
	    from Epic #46  (Denis Hackney)

Q19: What was Groo doing in Maringa, and in what way did he succeed
     in his task?  (Denis Hackney)
	A:  none yet...!

Q20: In the Groo universe, who invented baseball?  (Steffan O'Sullivan)
	A:  The Sage.  (BooK)

Apologies to anyone whos name I've spelt wrong.  The quiz ends with
question 25.  Email any more questions or subsequent answers to the
groop at "groo-l@hmc.edu"...Anyone can submit questions, but those who
have already won a prize are asked not to submit answers.
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