No Subject

Charles wrote:
> What's going on?  I haven't read a thing in the past couple of weeks.
> Did I accidentally get unsubscribed?  Is there really that little to go
> on about at length?  Where's messages from Lia, Randall, Eric, John,
> Kenneth, Denis, Rueben, Ronny, etc., etc., etc.?  I need the support
> groop!  Where did you guys go?

I'm still here.  Hopelessly backlogged on my work and everything else
(as usual), but still here!  =)

(How backlogged am I?)  Would you believe ...

- I haven't read all of my Groo comic books yet.  *gasp*
  (Please don't kick me off of the mailing list.  Pleeaassee.)
- I finally saw an episode of X-Files.  X-Files has been around for 3 or
  4 years or something like that.  Watch out for aliens/mutants/whatever.

Denis wrote:
> What have you missed???  You've missed the Great Groo Quiz!!!  The deal
> is that Eric is offering prizes (a "Did I Err?" button (or badge or pin
> or whatever you like to call it) for those who answer questions
> correctly, and I'm keeping score.

I'll try to make the buttons this weekend.

C'ya l8r.  =)