More quiz questions

I thought I'd suggesated three more questions? Where were they on your 
list Dennis? Here they are again:

What was the running joke with M. Wayne Williams?
What's Mark Evanier's reaction to the words 'Niagra Falls'?
When Groo met up with Princess Thaais for the *second* time, who is 
the *last* person in the list of people he thinks she is?

And here are two more:

Which Groo story was described by Mark Evanier as 'One of those where 
Groo does the wrong thing at the right time, the right thing at the 
wrong time...and then finally the wrong thing at the wrong time'? (NB 
this may well be a mis-quote, but not by much)
What was Groo's true feelings for the horse that Rufferto thought he 
likeed more than him (Rufferto that is - my grammer ain't what it 


"Look, you're my best friend, which is why I'm letting you off with 
just a verbal threat" - From the "Joy Merryweather Book of Violence"