Re: Groo Quiz questions.

Robert Ulrich wrote:
> Seriously though, there seem to be so many possibilities out there for
> questions why don't we extend the quiz past 25?

The problem isn't so much finding the questions, it's finding people to
answer them.  As far as I'm concerned, the latest two questions may as
well be in the quiz too, so if anyone can answer them...
> And I also think that question *setters* that didn't answer a question
> first should *also* get a badge (Ok, ok, so this one has more than a
> little self-interest in it :)

I don't think this would be too much of a problem, depending on how many
badges/pins/buttons we have available.  There's been 25 questions, but
there's only been a dozen or so different people answering, so I don't
see why there wouldn't be any spare prizes ... Eric?

So then, we now have questions #26 and #27.

Q26:  In the inside back cover of Epic/Marvel #103, there is a jigsaw
      puzzle.  In the correctly assembled puzzle, Rufferto is:
	A) To the left of Groo
	B) To the right of Groo
	C) Above Groo
	D) Below Groo
	E) A+C
	F) A+D
	G) B+C
	H) B+D

Q27:  How did the children play the game of "Groo!"?,
      and did they like it?

No more questions please, until Eric lets us know how many prizes he has
to give out...
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