Re: quiz

Simon Passey wrote:
>Here are some answers. 

(One answer would have been sufficient, but since no-one else was
answering I guess we can't complain...)

>>Q.19  What was Groo doing in Maringa, and in whatb way did he succeed 
>>in his task?
>Groo 49 contains the answer.  Groo was protecting the village from
>the Wolfmen, but as usual failing as he could not tell the villagers 
>from the wolfmen.  He made them wear red bandanas, blue shirts and a
>few others until he succeede in protecting the village.  This was 
>because there was nothing left to steal and so Groo left.

Mr. Simon Passey, take a bow.  You've just won yourself a prize!  (Send
your postal address to Eric to claim it...)
>>Q.21    What was the running joke with M. Wayne Williams?
>The price of an issue of Groo doubled so he could only afford to buy 
>every other issue and wanted his letter published in an issue that he 
>would read. This started in Groo 90 and ended in Groo 93. C. Houle 
>continued the running joke in Groo 95 to Groo 97 by asking him not to 
>ask for e repetitive letter because that meant there was less room in 
>Groograms for his own letters, and he ended by threatening to send Groo 

Well, yeah, this one's right too.  But you only get one prize...
>>Q.22    What's Mark Evanier's reaction to the words 'Niagara Falls'?
>In Groo 109 M.E. starts this one , though he later admits he doesn't 
>know why.It is something like this:
>Slowly, I turned step by step inch by inch I crept up upon him.
>The next bit involves strangulation, kicking and huitting him. He then
>says Oops Sorry and continues as if normal.  The first time M.E. did the 
>joke it involved a long story abiout someone taking away his wife and 
>chile and M.E. chasing them around the world until he caught them at 
>Niagara Falls.

Hmm, another one right.  But you still only get one prize!  If someone
can come up with the exact wording for the answer, then they can have a
prize, since Simon cheated by answering more than one question.
>>Q.23    When Groo met up with Princess Thaais (Thaiis) for the *second
>>time*, who is the *last* person in the list of people he thinks she is?
>The answer is obviously Groo. Issues 80 to 83 contain the story, though 
>I think that it is actually the third time he meets her.  The first is 
>when he is sent on his mission to escort the young Princess through the 
>forest. Then he loses her but later refinds her and drops her off with 
>the enemy who imprison her.  Finally when she is grown up he meets her 
>and lists all the names.  The story ends with Groo going off to look for 
>the younger Princess that he lost all those years ago.

And once again...correct but you only get one prize.
>Q.24    Which Groo story was described by Mark Evanier as 'One of those
>where Groo does the wrong thing at the right time, the right thing at 
>the wrong time...and then finally the wrong thing at the wrong time'?
>Not sure about this but I think it is issue 36 'Rhyme nor Reason' where 
>Groo eventually wishes that the Amulet did not exist.

Hmm, I'm not sure either.  Who asked the question?  It was ... Robert
Ulrich.  Robert?  Is this correct?
>I'll leav the other questions to someone else as I don't know the 
>answers yet !

That leaves Q26 and Q27 to go.  Q26 was the one about the jigsaw puzzle
in issue #103, and Q27 was the one about how to play the game of "Groo".
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