Re: Sergiography & Quiz Questions

Ruben J. Arellano wrote:
>Is there still a possibility that I could get a groo Badge/Button?
>If there are still any unanswered questions, send them to me and I'll
>answer them for sure! (I finally got my room a little more organized
>so I can sift through my Groos easily enough)

OK, here are the unanswered questions so far:

Q26: In the inside back cover of Epic/Marvel #103, there is a jigsaw
     puzzle.  In the correctly assembled puzzle, Rufferto is:
        A) To the left of Groo
        B) To the right of Groo
        C) Above Groo
        D) Below Groo
        E) A+C
        F) A+D
        G) B+C
        H) B+D

Q27: How did the children play the game of "Groo!"?,
     and did they like it?

If you can't answer either of these you can win a prize by answering
this question with the *exact* wording:

Q.22    What's Mark Evanier's reaction to the words 'Niagara Falls'?

Simon Passey already answered it (sort-of), but since he cheated and
answered 4 other questions at the same time (grr!), I'm being nice and
giving everyone another chance with this one.  However, only go for this
one if you can't get either of the other two, since we've sort of had
the answer already, and only the *exact* wording will be accepted.  (And
I mean *exact*, right down to the last little bit of punctuation.)

Correct answers to any *one* of these questions posted to the Groop will
win you a badge/button/pin/whatever.

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