No Subject

Hi guys/grrls!

I'll look for your letters in the back issues.  Might be fun to read.

Glad a couple people liked the "Did I Err" buttons!  =)  I'm quite
surprised.  I was actually thinking of making better ones next time
with a more 90's kind of phrase like "Cheesedip Eater" or something
like that.  (Lia must be cringing in horror ...)

John, Randall, Stefan, Ronny, and Denis's buttons have been mailed.
Brett, Josh, and Book's will be mailed sometime this week.  Unless I
erred, still missing a number of person's mailing address.

Mark Evanier also wrote a "Black Cat" comic book (whoever that is).

Does "hmc.edu" stand for "Harvey Mudd College"?

See ya later.