Aragones on Parade

I just picked up a nice book.  It's called SERGIO ARAGONES ON PARADE, and 
it's a collection of his stuff from MAD, published in 1979.  The copy I 
got was coverless, and only cost $2.  That for 160 pages, full sized (not 
one of those MAD pocket books).

Among the nice things in here are Aragones' first MAD strip, over 20 
pages of "Marginals" printed big (4 or 5 to a page), a section devoted to 
Aragones with other writers, and at the end a dozen pages of rejected 
stuff.  Lots of fun stuff!

One feature I found interesting was "The Shadow Knows", which I guess he 
used to do on a regular basis (there are four double pages spreads, plus 
a page of rejects) but stopped before the era when I read MAD on a 
regular basis.  Sometimes pretty clever, though occasionally take some 
time to figure out, which isn't typical of Aragones work.

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