Well, to tell a lie it was issue # 1 from Pacific.  To tell the truth I would have to remember it or look it up, but I don't seem to have time for either, let alone go to the bathroom (and I REALLY gotta go!).  If I disremember correctly my debut was in issue #103 or 104 and I didn't even have any running jokes, just a response to issue # 100.

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Charles L. Klein wrote:
> I got one letter printed (out of 5 or so) and got mentioned in an 
> another issue.  My 3 seconds of fame has already passed.

Well, tell us which issue?!?  Some of us want to go back into our Groo 
collections and see what you wrote!  (Well, it's as good a reason as any 
to and go re-read the Groo collection ... Not that I need a reason, of 

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