Groo quiz

Hello dear Groopies,
this is the second last answer in the Groo quiz contest! I have an answer
for question 26: and the correct alternative is G) B+C. For those that don't
remeber the question:

Q26:  In the inside back cover of Epic/Marvel #103, there is a jigsaw
      puzzle.  In the correctly assembled puzzle, Rufferto is:
        A) To the left of Groo
        B) To the right of Groo
        C) Above Groo
        D) Below Groo
        E) A+C
        F) A+D
        G) B+C
        H) B+D

So... Rufferto is above and to the right of Groo. 

Yes, I did finish the puzzle, and yes, it is amazing what some people will
do to get the right answers, and no, I don't want to tell you what the
picture is about (try to puzzle it yourself...?:)

I do have an answer for the last question too, but since I am not 100% sure
about the answer, I'll give the honour to someone else to close down this
round of questions.

See you all later:)

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