Re: Made in China ?

Hi Guys/Gurls!

Wasn't there supposed ta be a sketch or signature or something like
that on the "certificate of authenticity" or "sticker of authenticity"
or something like that?


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Hi gang,

I finally got my statue of Groo (#486 (ain't cursed with computers ? I
could have at least received #686 !!)). Man it's beautiful ! I love it.
I have no authenticity certificate, but I think my dealer just forgot to
give it to me... (hope it's not a fake).

I turned it upside-down (ain't I a Groo reader ?) and saw a sticker :
"Made in China".
And here comes the great and terrible question :
Since this is a limited edition *hand-painted* sculpture, was it
hand-painted by a bunch of 12 year old chinese kids ? (you know, like
these Nike (or wa it Reebok ?) shoes... well, uh nither of these are
hand-painted, though.)

Anyway, just wonderin'. And even if it were the case, complaints should go
directly to Graphitti Designs... We have all read Groo, and know what
Sergio and Mark think about this kind of things.

I think I should stop asking myself such questions. I don't feel that
well, just after.

	see you,

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