No Subject

Hi guys/gurls!

Glad some of you liked the buttons!

Just grabbed a gif from one of the Groo web sites and transferred it
to a PC (and then to a floppy disk).  Now if it can load into Corel
Draw on my PC at home, we'll have a picture for the next button for
the GG quiz round 2 prize.  That is, of course, if round 1 ever ends.

Plus, since it'll have a picture, Sergio and/or Mark might object,
since it's copywrited.  So you might have to promise to surrender it
to Sergio or Mark if they ever catch you wearing it while you're walk-
ing down the streets of Norway.  :)

See you later.


Ps. May your pockets be full of coat pins.  (Oops, I mean kopins.)