No Subject

Hi guys/girls!

A couple of people asked how they could get buttons.  The only way to
get these is to win 'em fair 'n square as prizes by answering a GG
quiz question.  Can't beg, borrow, or steal (or buy or trade) to get
them 'cause that wouldn't be fair to all everyone else who read
through their entire stacks of Groo comic books.  Plus, everyone who
answered quiz questions entertained the masses of subscribers on the
mailing list -- a Herculean task (or Grooean task), no doubt.  Plus,
I shouldn't profit from them in any way (such as buy or trade) 'cause
they're basically bootlegged (the ones w/pictures, taken from scanned
images on web sites).  (I don't have a scanner.)  But they're only
for the real Groo fans, who searched the world [wide web] to find a
Groo mailing list, and who were closely inspected to have a working
knowledge of Groo folklore (whatever that means).  (Still, if Mark
catches you with it on the bonny highlands of England and demands 25
pence in royalties, pay the man.)  In conclusion, save your money to
buy Groo comic books.  :)

If anyone's interested in reviving the GG quiz (it's been awfully
quiet around here lately), prizes could b buttons w/pictures.  It's
gotta b kind of short, though, perhaps ending on say Dec. 15, 'cause
the company where I work shuts down for two weeks at the end of the
year.  (Who knows what happens to the computer systems here then?)
Since I'm perenially late in everything, I'd need the rest of the
time to create them and get them out to ya.  My sentence structure
'n spelling iz going completely downhill right about now, which
means it's time for me 2 go home.  %)

See ya l8r.