Death and Mr Evanier

S > I've just read the Life Of Groo graphic novel, which I thoroughly
S > reccomend. But I have to add this little discovery - Mark actually
S > *admits* to his job as writer in the front page. No, really! I wonde
S > whether he'd like to reassure us that this terrifying discovery is
S > just a dream sequence, like Bobby's death in Dallas.

ME: What a scary subject line.

Let me explain about the credit. Most issues of GROO, the writing is a
collaborative effort of Senor Aragones and myself. Usually, we figure
out the plots together, he works out the way the story is told, and I
add the words and sometimes adjust his panel-by-panel breakdowns of the
action. Sometimes, the plot is all his, however, and sometimes he even
suggests a line or two.

Because the process is so variable, I decided neither of us should have
a writer's credit. Once in a while though, there has been an issue where
the story was so overwhemlingly mine that Sergio suggested I be listed
as "writer" on those issues. I think the story where Rufferto became
human was one of those, and there were a few others, although I didn't
always remember to list myself that way. In any event, the two graphic
novels we did fell into that category.

I don't pay much attention to the distinction. As far as I'm concerned,
GROO is written by Sergio and Mark. Some issues, one of us may do more
than the other, but it all averages out eventually.

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