Re: New QUIZ!

Joseph Jones wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Eric Chun wrote:
>> If anyone's interested in reviving the GG quiz (it's been awfully
>> quiet around here lately), prizes could b buttons w/pictures.  It's
> Volume 2, Question 1:
> I got a tricky question! Who was the first subscriber to groo-l not
> counting me! The first subscriber can't answer this either! Say who
> (or at least their e-mail address) and say how you found out!

OK guys & girls, the next chapter of the Groo Quiz is now underway.
However, I'm only at uni for another week, so after that I have no email
access.  This means that someone else will have to volunteer to be the
Great Groo Quiz Master, and keep track of all the questions.  When I
get around to it, I'll post the final list of questions, answers and
winners of the Great Groo Quiz, Volume 1.

As for that question, was it Paul Simonsen, who I think helped set up
the mailing list with you, but didn't realise that it was an "L" not a
"one" in groo-l?  Probably not, but I found that sufficiently amusing
to want to remind everyone about it anyway...:-)

Later all,
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