No Subject

Hi guys/grrls!

Lia said:
> Just wanted to say that I'm still alive, in case anybody was wonder-
> ing why they haven't heard anything from me in ages. Miss me? <g>

We missed ya!  :)

Received your mailing address and KP's (r u Tore Petterson?) mailing
address for your buttons.  I think, however, instead of sending both
of you "Did I Err" buttons, I'll send new buttons (with a picture in-
stead of just text).  Probably later this week.  Hopefully, it'll be

That's it for the "Did I Err" buttons -- they're history.  I guess
"Round 1" of the GG quiz is history, too.

Bob said:
> I think there are three Groo stories that Evanier actually is cred-
> ited as writer (which I assume meant that the original plot came
> from him rather than Aragones).  The two graphic novels and the
> story where Rufferto becomes a human.

I think Mark also wrote the Sergio Massacres Marvel and Sergio Des-
troys DC comic books.

Just in case ya can't get enough of Mark's writing, he writes a col-
umn in the Comics Buyer's Guide called, "Point of View."  The last
four week's column was about Smilin' Stan (the Man) Lee, who created
Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Avengers, Hulk, etc.  Although,
Stan's legendary modesty would prevent him from telling you this.
Pretty good column.

See ya l8r.