No Subject

Josh wrote:
> I got a tricky question! Who was the first subscriber to groo-l
> not counting me! The first subscriber can't answer this either!
> Say who (or at least their e-mail address) and say how you found
> out!

I think Ruben (a.k.a Scribe) was the second subscriber to the Groo
mailing list.  His email address appears second in the results
from the "who groo-l" query sent to "listkeeper@hmc.edu".  Does I

Oren (a.k.a. Alfred E. Neuman) asked:
> If anyone has any autographs of Sergio (or just pictures, etc)
> of him, please let me know!

I think most of us have autographs, pictures, comic books, trading
cards, etc.

>>knowledge of Groo folklore (whatever that means).  (Still, if Mark
>>catches you with it on the bonny highlands of England and demands 25
>>pence in royalties, pay the man.) 

Simon wrote:
> The bonny highlands of ENGLAND ???????
> Scotland surely, or they'll be over Hadrian's wall invading again
> (:-o

John wrote:
> A real groosim from Eric. Should the barbarians from Scotia read
> this ...

Oops!  I has erred ...