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On Nov 21,  7:39pm, Eric Chun wrote:

> knowledge of Groo folklore (whatever that means).  (Still, if Mark
> catches you with it on the bonny highlands of England and demands 25
> pence in royalties, pay the man.)  In conclusion, save your money to
> See ya l8r.
> Eric
>-- End of excerpt from Eric Chun

A real groosim from Eric. Should the barbarians from Scotia read this,
claymores would descend in a drunken naked frenzy. Dont believe everything from
Braveheart, the highlanders are thought to have fought naked, after consuming
copious amounts of courage inducing liquids. Still Groo vs a naked Scotsman is
a scary thought, but my money is on the gourd nosed hooligan.

Now here is a theme, groos European tour, bashes the Boers, pulverises the
Pics, Splatters the Saxons, Disembowels the Danemen, knobbles the Norsemen,
Grinds the Gauls, Routes the Romans, Cripples the Celts ...........


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