Re: Groo quiz Q2.

_The Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2, Question 2_

A play, by Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, Denis Hackney and Eric Chun.

Scene:  Eric Chun is sitting at his computer, trying to think of a Groo
Quiz question.

Eric:  "Ah-ha!  I know!"

<fx: Eric vanishes in a puff of smoke, and is magically transported
to a far away place, where he sees an old man and a spotted dog.  He
now looks exactly like Groo, but can't see this because his nose gets
in the way, luckily. Otherwise, this play would end right here with a
cry of "And now Eric does what Eric does best!">

Eric:  "What is a 'crackie'?"

Old Man:  "I can show you, if you have a piece of paper!"

Eric:  "Here is a piece of paper!"

OldMan:  "I roll the paper into a tube and fill it with this amount of
powder and no more...

Eric:  "I could roll a tube!"

OldMan:  "I fashion a top and then attach a stick like this..."

Eric:  "I could attach a stick!"

OldMan:  "...and then the easy part...any fool could light this string!"

Eric:  "I could light that string!  What does that do?"

<fx: bright lights shoot into sky. sound: CRACK!>

Eric: "Ooh!  Ahh!"

Rufferto:  "Ooh!  Ahh!"

<curtain, end of play>

Will Eric get back to his computer to ask his question?
Will Eric still look like Groo when he gets back?
How the hell is he going to get back anyway?
Has Denis got the question right?
More importantly, has he got the *answer* right?
Find out in the next episode, coming some time in the distant future!

(Or for the short, boring answer: fireworks!)
Image Groo #6, "The Great Invention"

Sorry, I'm feeling a bit strange today...but I got the question right!

Hmm, now for my question.
Vol 2, Q3:  How many gilds did Groo get for capturing Drazils?
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