Nutrient value of cheesedip as mendicant mulch

Greetings Groovers,
	To quote the C programming book, hello world.
	It's a year since Sergio penned the last page of Groo in Tokyo,
and nearly 20 years since the first (solo Sergio) Groo was penned in
1977.  As I recall, that's also when Start Wars came out.  Well, the
masses can have Stars Wars, I'll have Groo....(though I'd prefer new
material to rereading old issues!)	
Mind you, I'd like to buy the Groo statuette at the Stars Wars price
(i.e. a lot cheaper)!

P.S     A mendicant known as Groo,
	Thought fighting the best thing to do,
	He'd set things just right,
	With a short and sharp fight,
	Which those he accosted would rue.
	(written about 2 years ago, and never Groogrammed)

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